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Oooh so quickly passes the time!!

Feel free to join us on friday, 8pm Schillerhof, Jena when we cheer to
10 years Fonia Radio Show!
Be good to yourself!

So good, track called “Camina del Sol” released by Antena in 2004 out on the numero group.
Be good to yourself!

For me always one of the very early inventors. A man of huge influence on so many things to come much much later.
Deep bow in respect to Mr. Klaus Schulze.

Be good to yourself!

The day is done, light drink, sunset and then this track “Never no more lonely” by Fingers Inc. from their album “Another Side”.
My thanks go to mr. INANNIA.
Be good to yourself!

Aaaaaand the sun is out!
What better way to celebrate than with a track by Ebony Soul. “I can hardly wait”, released in 1993 on Eightball Records.
Keep on bouncing!
Be good to yourself!

Happy bday to Uschi Brüning and with that today a track from her album “Uschi Brüning Und Das Günther Fischer-Quintett”, released in 1973 on Amiga records. Spring will come!
Love this one!!
Be good to yourself!

Sun Sun Sun …
’nuff said.Sweet track by Rasa, released in 1978 on Govinda Records.
Spring will come, soon, promised!

Be good to yourself!

Oh my, that’s the stuff!!! Track called “Dona Olimpia” by the one and only Azymuth from their 1979 released album “Light as a Feather” (out on milestone). The kick setting in past 1:47 gives me always a shiver. Love it!!! And with that I wish a pleasant and smooth new year y’all.
Be good to yourself!


Now we go back, waaay back. “The Sax Lick” is one of those tracks bringing back memories of danced through nights were peeps greeted the upcoming morning sun with hugs, kisses and bright smiles. Good, good memories. Killer piece produced by Intense, released in 1996 on Way Out Records.
Be good to yourself!

Since it’s kind of grey outside let’s dream a little of warmer days …
Perfect version of an old classic, here performed by the trio from Houston, Texas, Khruangbin released this one on their contribution to the Late Night Tales series.
Out on the same name label since December 2020.

Be good to yourself!

And now for some jaaazz. Just released track by David Mrakpor called “My Life” with vocales from James Coleman.
Given the level of headnod enablement this piece would make a sweet dance floor filler!

Out on bandcamp.
Who knows, maybe we see this one soon on vinyl?

Be good to yourself!

Such a great set. enjoying this one again and again for quite some time, recorded somewhen in 2017 in the RB studios…
Amazin Alfa Mist & Yussef Dayes.
Be good to yourself!

A tru gem from the mid-90s, Phyllis Hyman’s track “Why Not Me” from the album “I Refuse To Be Lonely”, out on Philadelphia International Records, released in 1995, the year of her untimely and tragic passing.
Be good to yourself!

And now for some Jazz! Just arrived, shipped across the channel, the great album by Rebecca Vasmant “From Glasgow With Love” is a definite vinyl buy recommendation this fall!!
If you had not yet the chance to check on the interesting eclectic mix sets of Rebecca, you should give those an ear (or two).
Enuff’ talking, now go and get the vinyl, while it lasts!
Out on Rebeccas Records (in association with !K7 Music).

Be good to yourself!

This one works just so well with the weather these days … Where is the sun …
Released in 2019 on Artesian Sounds.
Be good to yourself!

The sun is shining, the spring right around the corner! Time to get that smile back on our faces!
All-time house fav of mine for just this occasion!
Be good to yourself!

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